Matsyadarshini On SeaShore

     A Beautiful Marine Museum is located on the golden sands of Rk Beach in Visakhapatnam. It is an excellent place for children and parents to gain more knowledge on Marine Life. Matsyadarshini showcasing both the Marine and Freshwater Species in large containers. Many fishes are imported from distant. Variety of fish like butterflyfishes, stone fish, clown fish, longhorn cowfish, peacock wrasse fish, lion fish, surgeon fish, porcupine fish, sweet lip rabbit fish, red squirrel fish, damsels, the carpet anemones, white and orange limb anemones, the marine invertebrates such as the colorful starfishes and lots of others can be found.

Near By Places:
Visakha Museum
Victory at Sea
INS Submarine
Children Park

Perfect comfort with a view, classical elegance and modern comfort is the right choice.
Novotel Hotel
Gateway Hotel Etc.

Taste the Lip smashing street food with full of flavor.

Make the most fun experiences in street shopping.


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