Beach Road

  Have you ever seen a single road with many tourists Places??? Yes, our Jewel of East Coast has that with some History. It’s a Beach Road in Visakhapatnam. Ramakrishna Beach is one of the tourists attractive places and also called as R.K Beach. It is the great place to spend time over there. We can see the Beach view from the Beach Road. The Submarine Museum, Aquarium, Kali Matha temple, Parks, Resturants, Statues of prominent personalities, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Ashram are the attractive places of Beach Road. And many other activities are held over there. Every year Government greatly celebrates Independence Day, Naval Day in Beach Road. We can enjoy the Sunset in Beach Road with a cool breeze and pleasant atmosphere. Not only Historical places but have many restaurants shopping, Hotels in Beach Road.

Perfect comfort with a view, classical elegance and modern comfort is the right choice.
Ambica Sea Green Etc.

Enjoy the tasty Andhra’s street food with full of flavor in Beach Road.

Have fun at Street Shopping.


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