Andhra’s Cuisine

The Telugu people and their state are known for hot and spicy food. The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh is a blend of Mughal cuisine. Rice is the staple food of Telugu people where they eat it along with Sambar, Lentils, and Vegetables. No Andhra meal will be without Pickles, Chutneys, Powders etc, for they form an integral part of the food. Like most of the South Indian States, the Telugu people serve their food on the Banana leaf and usually water sprinkled on the leaf which indicates that the person is ready to eat and food can be served. The main food of Andhra Pradesh is Pulihara or tamarind rice along with green chilies adding spice to the cuisine GonGoora chutney and Pesarattu of Andhra is famous worldwide. Biriyani is an important part of Andhra cuisine. A spicy dish made of brinjals known as Bagara Baingan is a notable dish among the Telugu people. Andhra is also known for its Chowki dinner. Visakhapatnam is famous for Seafood.


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