Karaka Chettu Polamamba Temple

            The temple is a perfect blend of traditional Vedic and non-Vedic cultures. However, one can say that the idol of the Mother Goddess dates back to the Chalukya-Chola period, with the sculptural features clearly indicating that the idol could have belonged to a temple dating back to the 12th century AD.  It was located in Visakhapatnam. It was one of the tourists attractive places in VisakhapatnamDuring the annual Jatara, which is conducted immediately after Sankranti in January, the Goddess can be seen at her decorated best. It is one of the biggest temple fests in Andhra Pradesh and attracts almost a million devotees during the 12 days. It is not surprising then that the Polamamba Temple is almost as rich as the Kanaka Mahalakshmi Temple in terms of income.
            The temple has a 600-year old history when it was discovered by fishermen. The goddess appeared in a dream and instructed that the idol is handed over to the Maddi family. Since then, the temple has been under the care of the Maddi family. While the Brahmin priests perform pujas, the members of certain other communities continue with their age-old practices of performing animal sacrifices, though it is not done within the temple premises.


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