Kondapalli Bommalu

               Kondapalli Bommalu is world famous for their special wood. Kondapalli Bommalu adds a touch of aesthetics to drawing rooms with their finely created sculptures. Kondapalli Bommalu is the decorative pieces it is an article of reference to most Telugu across the world. Handicrafts have thrived and are still going strong in the villages of  Andhra Pradesh. The art of toy-making has metamorphosed much in recent times. The small wonders, that are made of white Puniki and painted with natural colors like vegetable dyes. The multi-staged process for making these toys is very interesting to watch.

              The artisans etch out the shape of the toy they create from the white Puniki wood. This particular variety of wood is grown especially in the lands earmarked for this purpose in villages of Kondapalli. Lappum, sawdust and tamarind seed paste are mixed together to give the right look to the toy. Vegetable dyes are used for painting the toys of export quality. Oil paints are used for coloring the toys sold within India and enamel paints are applied to the toys made for special occasions. Kondapalli artisans also have a mutually aided cooperative society in view of the patronage of customers for such handicrafts which is growing by the day. One can buy a Kondapalli toy at the Lepakshi Visakhapatnam Emporiums run by the Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts Development Corporation across all major towns in the State.


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