Kondakarla Ava




              Kondakarla Ava is one of the tourists attractive places in Visakhapatnam. It is a Natural lake and bird sanctuary located at a distance of 50 KM from Visakhapatnam. This fresh water natural lake is the home of many birds and one of the main spot for a photographer interested in birds photography. It is the beautiful picturesque place. Come here you will have your binoculars used to the full potential. Birds coming from distant lands like Siberia will treat you with the charm of their own. There are many activities that can keep you explore the land. Boating facility is also available for the visitors. A Boat ride in the lake will give you memories of your life. Local fisherman and villages prepare boats by joining two lots of palm trees and making a sitting arrangement by placing a wooden bed over it. These arrangements remain quite stable in water. While boating you can see lotus flowers. There is a temple of Lord Venkateswara over hill on the other side. From the hill top view of the surroundings is the only attraction to climbing up.


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