Cream Stone



           It’s Summer we can have cool cool…… yummy yummy……ice creams.  Ice creams are like, that can never fade off. Any age group, the love for ice creams is like that stays ever. Believing on this the thought of how could make these cold, yummy desserts, even more, brought the Cream stone. In 2009, Cream stone started as ice cream designers. 

      There is a confusion that everyone who loves the ice cream has experience that which flavor to have and can’t I have many flavors in one? From these and many another, put together made the concept of Cream stone, which is not just parlor but an ice cream wherein colorful and tasty ice creams flavors are special to create yummy taste satisfying the people.

       Quality and taste of ice creams, the making of an exotic dessert is interesting. It is hand mixed and beat on a frozen cold stone, twisting the ingredients, adding and ice creams in the right proportion to make the right dessert. The ice creams are present to enjoy during a walk or drive, for those who wish to sit back and pleasantly satisfy the sweet tooth. Guys, we can have a late night and delicious ice creams only at Cream Stone, So go and have it.



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