Bheemili Beach

        Bheemili Beach is one of the most primitive beaches in Visakhapatnam. There we find the 17th-century fort and cemetery. It reveals the history dating back to the Dutch era. The calm waves of Bheemili beach, a salty refreshing climate makes it a perfect place for beach lovers. The greenery of palm groves makes eye soothing. Either early morning or evening side alongside the Sea is really great. This will leave you great memories. It is away from Vizag city’s crowdy beaches. The Bheemili Beach is a beautiful place to visit. At one end of the beach, river Gosthani merges into the Sea offering you excellent views on the other side are the dark strong rocks forming a canopy testing the power of the waves. The sand in this beach is thick black and shiny. Boat rides are also available here, not in the sea but the nearby River. So guys get ready to enjoy over there.



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