Children’s Arena

             Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate. There is a place for the children to make fun and joy, it is Children’s Arena. It is a large Dolphin shaped structure located in Siripuram, Visakhapatnam and has now made way to a classier, spacious and upgraded auditorium. Children’s theater is spread across two floors with high-ceilinged children’s theater looks very inviting from outside. Entering through the main gate of Children’s Arena, you are bound to fall in love with the area that has been created. There are green stretches of lawn on one side, parking space on the other side and a mini zoo are a few attractions in this Children’s Arena. Walk into the portals of the building are really impressed. The Inauguration of the children’s Arena on December 17, 2016, by Chief Minister Narachandrababu Naidu. It was a Rs.22crore project in Visakhapatnam.

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            The ground floor if for multi-purpose that is with a stage and lighting. With a lobby at the entrance, the auditorium can be used to conduct various birthday parties, school celebrations, music shows, cultural activities, talent tests, sports related to children and its capacity is up to 400 people. The first floor holds a large multi-purpose theater with a huge stage and a screen with seating capacity for 600. This has been designed to showcase children-oriented, patriotic and meaningful movies predominantly in Telugu, Hindi, and English. Screening of educational and entertainment films on every Saturday and Sunday. Regular filming of movies is on the cards for weekends, schools use this to run chosen films through the week as well. With a projector, large air corridors, green rooms and Dolby sound systems, everything has been well throughout.

           The main purpose of this hall is to use as a theater and it has been equipped with a stage to enable it as a platform for conducting other events as well, giving is that edge of flexibility. The Children’s Arena main aim is to bring high-quality entertainment and learning for children. And it is really very excited to children. So children get ready to have fun and joy at Children’s Arena.


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