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             Matsyadarshini is a marine museum located in Beach road, Chinna Waltair, Visakhapatnam. It is a brilliant group of freshwater and aquatic fish places and frequently added striking water type are shown in 20 medium water containers and large sized tanks. It contains many varieties of fishes like butterflyfishes, stone fish, clown fish, longhorn cowfish, peacock wrasse fish, lion fish, surgeon fish, porcupine fish, sweet lip rabbit fish, red squirrel fish, damsels, the carpet anemones, white and orange limb anemones, the marine invertebrates such as the colorful starfishes and lots of others. Some are imported from the distant Parkland of Singapore and Malaysia. It is a good place to visit for children and adults and can know about the fishes. And It is one of the tourist places in Visakhapatnam.


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