Fishing Harbour


           Fishing is the important business in Visakhapatnam. An amount of fishermen has their source of revenue rely on fishing Harbour in Visakhapatnam and there are seven ice industrial plants in fishing Harbour that supply to the ice wants to the fishermen. It was one of the Vizag tourist places. The plant can make 400 tons of ice. Every ice plant in Vizag tourist places utilizes 15 personnel unswervingly and circuitously for ice manufacture.

           In 2012 November, the rise in the value of ice has punched the fishing procedure in Visakhapatnam. The power failure by the Eastern power distribution company has direct to the dark of ice for the fisherman. As a result of the power hack, the marketing in ice industrial part chops down to 50%. The worth of ice has enlarged to Rs.1200 from Rs.850 per ton. It was set up in 1976 spreading across 24hectors of land.

The Facts about Fishing Harbour

-The total investment cost of the Harbour Rs.426lakhs.
-Trawlers 60
-Mini Trawlers 40
-Fishes and Prawns import 500 Tons
-Turnover Rs.1Crore Per year
-Boats 670
-Ice factories 15
-Diesel bunks 5
-workshops 15
-Freezing point 10


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