Tatipudi Reservoir

Tatipudi is a village at a distance of 8kilometers from Visakhapatnam Araku road. There is a reservoir called Tatipudi reservoir for supplying water to Vizag city. The barrage was constructed during 1963-1968 over river Gosthani in Vizianagaram district. While traveling to Araku from Vizag this junction is at 50km distance from Kotha road junction (Visakhapatnam) before the hilly area.

The aim of this project is to irrigate a total ayacut of 15,378 acres(62km) in Vizianagaram district and to provide drinking water to Visakhapatnam city. The project utilizes 3.325TMC of the available water. The storage capacity of the reservoir is about 3TMC. The cost of the project is Rs.1.820crores. It has been established in Gantyada, S.Kota and Jami Mandals of Vijayanagaram District.

You will get an excellent view of the lake from the top of the reservoir. Boating facility is available in this reservoir.


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