Araku Tribal Museum


    Araku tribal museum is situated on Araku road in the heart of Araku valley. Located in the vicinity of Padma Puram botanical gardens. The Araku tribal museum as famed as the place that houses it, the splendiferous Araku valley. It was started in February 1996. The museum is not historical, but instead, it showcases the orthodox lifestyle, along with the economic, social and cultural norms and customs of the native tribes of the region. The museum is built with mud, clay, and various metals that give it an authentic tribal feel and lend more credence to the artifacts that reside within.

It is aimed at preserving and displaying the dominant traits of the original tribal culture, traditional handicrafts, and fine arts of the ancient tribes, the display of beautiful artifacts, intricate ornaments and exquisite textiles of the tribes of north Andhra Pradesh. The Museum is spread over two levels, the first one displaying some extremely rare artifacts belonging to the Eastern Ghats tribal culture. It is designed to showcase tribal lifestyle in motion, starting with a kitchen than displays utensils made of iron and mud. The museum that connects with the various sections that are constructed of mud walls adorned with drawings and artwork made by tribals. There are differences in house construction that signify tribal hierarchy.

Another section of Araku Tribal Museum showcases the local tribal dance of myur and Dhimsa, with their beautifully colored mannequins dressed in vivacious clothing and accessories to match. The second level of the museum also houses a shop with the number of artists from local tribes, setting up stalls to try and entice customers with their own skillful creations of tribal art. The museum also houses the tribal arts and craft center, which is aimed at promoting and showcasing the hitherto unknown tribal art of the region.

It is also home to a fortune teller with a parrot that interestingly speaks only the local language. A number of people apparently believe in his predictions, as a sizeable number pay him regular visits. Across the street is the coffee museum, which although named so is simply a coffee shop where a tired traveler can feast and unwind post the museum visit.


October to March is the best time to visit Araku Tribal Museum.


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