Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary



           If you are ready for some high-voltage drama amid thrilling days and sleepless nights, then the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary is your ultimate destination. Being one of the few eco-centres of Andhra Pradesh, it has the Indian leopard as its star attraction
The Kambalakonda wildlife sanctuary is a forest the location corresponds to an area west of NH-5 on the Northern side of Visakhapatnam and Pendurthi in Vizianagaram district. The forest is under the control of Andhra Pradesh forest department since March 10th, 1970. Earlier this was under the control of Maharajah of Vizianagaram. It was named after the hillock Kambalakonda. It is a dry evergreen forest mixed with scrub and meadows and covers an area of 70.70 square kilometers. The terrain is hilly with steep slopes.

      This dry evergreen forest has been designed keeping the natural habitats of the wildlife providing them a heaven with a natural look.

Flora: – There are diverse flora and fauna in the sanctuary representing the Eastern Ghats. Floral density is high and includes Tectona glands, Catunaregam Spinoza, Grewia tibiae folio and Abrus precarious.

Fauna: – The Fauna present in the Sanctuary is Russell’s viper, Indian cobra, Chameleon, Indian paradise flycatcher, treepie, Quails, partridges, Indian Leopard, Indian Muntjac, Indian pangolin, Chital and Indian jackal.

We can take the help of local guides to take a tour of the entire area. And is also offers amazing trekking trails, coupled with picturesque views of the surrounding landscapes.

Get ready with your cameras and capture clicks of leopards, cobras, Russell’s viper, Indian muntjac and chitals, jackals, Indian pangolin. Flocks of partridges, Asian paradise-flycatcher, quails, treepies, blue-tailed bee-eater, spot-billed duck, and hoopoes can be sighted as well.


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