Tyda Park

     The Tyda park is the developed project. It is designed to provide visiting tourists with an enthralling experience of trekking, bird watching, camping.

    The distance of this park is 75km from Visakhapatnam. It has some facilities for huts and tent built within the tribal surroundings of the park. There are guides and naturalists to teach the visitors about the qualities of various animals and plants found along the Eastern Ghats. And also how to identify animal marks and bird calls.

    It is the home for species of animals like Hares. Bird watchers will find the place an absolute one, and heat keeps most of the bird’s away during Summers. It provides some opportunities for rock climbing, target shooting using a bow and arrow.

    The best time to visit this Tyda park in between February and October. It is one of the best places to have fun over there. And also present here a beautiful resort by the name of Jungle Bells, which is spread over an area of 5acres and is the highlight of the project. The park remains open from 9:00 Am till 6:00 Pm every day.


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