Borra Caves

Borra Caves

It is interesting how the early Humans in the ancient days survived in the aphotic caves for ages. And one may eager to know how these caves are actually formed. If you are one among them, the Borra Caves will give you an unbelievable panoramic view with a range variety formations by Calcium minerals inside. You can find the resemble of various things for instance like a Human brain on an eye up over the different shapes of stalagmite and stalactite.

Borra Caves

One jaw drop moment is that twilight zone in the caves with limited light penetration refracts vivid colors on the shapes. There are even more surprising structures looks like Mushrooms, temple, and church and if you are an imaginative one, will have myriad things whatever your imagination can match with. There are many crystal white calcium stones, all these shapes create an optical illusion of hidden treasure as it is illuminated, decorated and glittered by sixty-three lamps of made of mercury, sodium vapor, halogen. It would be a visual wonder of Nature’s Treasure. The visit to Borra Caves was unforgettable and unique.


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