Araku Valley

Namaste Vizag

Everyone might have heard the ambiance of the beautiful Araku valley where nature has its one of the best picturesque. Am a seasonal traveler and how are being in your fields. Are you tired of routine chore? Want to roll on and drench under monsoon climates of Eastern ghats? It’s time to pack your bags and head to Araku valley. Here you go for an adventureful experience at Araku valley.
As long as we were in childhood the long days run really saddled on and it was quenched over mother’s lap. Now, we are in the rushed world everyone needs a space to get quenched under nature’s lap at least for a while but nature is not a place to visit, it is like a home we have to check out every room in. If you are planning under or over a week it would definitely go to be awesome moments in your life. So let us knock the door of the breathtaking Araku valley.


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